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Solo exhibition Geert van Fastenhout at KunstRAI,Amsterdam 17-22 april 2019

RUEB will show a variety of works of van Fastenhout from the period 1969-2010.
Van Fastenhout, known in Japan (only there he has sold 238 works) and in South-Korea
works in the geometrical abstract manner. Catalogue available upon request

“Essentially, I do not want to say much about my work. What I want to express is visible.
The form is simple and clear, almost constructed like in architecture. In contrast to this simplicity the colour is enigmatic and should possess a certain sombre splendour.
At first you see nothing but a very dark painting indeed. If you allow your eyes to accomomdate, you will gradually penetrate the darkness to discover that the senses are getting disorientated.
The saturated colour, built up in many layers of darkness, affects the clear form. What remains
of the light is driven to the periphery. It seems as if a place, a niche has been cleared in
which the interior of the colour exposes its essence.”

Geert van Fastenhout (Bussum 1935-2016 Amersfoort)

Opening times KunstRAI fair,entrance Wielingenstraat Amsterdam
Wednesday17 April 17.00-22.00 (only by invitation)
Thursday 18 April 12.00-21.00
Friday 19 April 12.00-21.00
Saturday 20 April 11.00-18.00
Sunday 21 April 11.00-18.00
Monday 22 April 11.00-18.00

Art Miami: 3-8 December 2019 – www.art-miami.com

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